All Day I Dream About Crafting

Follow along my adventures of learning how to craft!



Hey! I’m Heather, a southern girl who loves Jesus, my family, friends and my dogs, food, crafts, and football. I have a very huge obsession with NFL football! Yes very huge! In fact I’ll probably talk about it here often. I’m very much also about being creative with almost every area of my life. I love to make things for friends and family and I love to get creative in the kitchen. I grew up loving doing things with my hands or “making something” as I would call it. My family had a huge impact on that part of my life. Both sets of grandparents and both parents did alot of sewing, crocheting, toy making, or ceramics just to name a few. I was always inspired by things they made but I was more inspired by music. Ultimately I got my degree in music media and it’s still something I love but I’ve always wanted to venture back into crafting. To me it’s a hobby that is very rewarding! So this is a new adventure for me to start on. This will be a journey of learning for sure, but I’m sure the results will be priceless!

Here’s a few people you will hear me talk about, my family!

Maru (right) and Angel (left). I love these little things to pieces!!

Me, Glenn (one of my brothers), mom, and dad. We were having a good time in New Orleans getting ready for a concert.

My dad and I always representing the Saints! WhoDat?!

Me and my sis-in-law. Couldn’t have asked God to find a better person and wife for my brother! She is amazing!

I still don’t have any pictures of Jeremie (my other brother). He is always working across state lines 😦


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  1. ron matechik says:

    dear heather the yikes pencil sharpner do you still have it i know it would be used what is your postal mail address to mail money order to i am willing to pay 30 dollars for it even though its used

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